what's coming up?

the residency. 


our space that presents an art piece in collaboration with local artists + entrepreneurs. 


The theme for February, March & April is Nature & Nurture. This is brought to life in the residency by Wild North Flowers. (@wildnorthflowers). A dynamic, living plant wall will live in the space using local Ontario blooms. 

Here is their statement:

Living Wall is a plant-based installation that will be growing and breathing alongside lululemon staff and patrons until the end of April. It will evolve, mature, and bloom as we move through the winter months and enter the enchanting spring. It is the goal of Wild North Flowers to have created an interactive natural art piece that reflects seasonal beauty and to provide a place, a moment, for folks to relish in the whimsy of the natural world. Living Wall acts as a testament to the bounty of southern Ontario’s natural landscape. 

Wild North Flowers is a local independent florist that uses 100% locally-grown flowers, all year round.  We are proud supporters of the #slowflowers movement, and love creating innovative plant and flower-based installations.


the hustle.


our co-working space to create, learn & get inspired. 

Enjoy complimentary WiFi, connect with local creatives and soak in all that this space has to offer. This is a communal space for the community.

The Hustle presents: Nature Series by Manny Trinh


Manny Trinh was born in Saigon City, Vietnam and is now based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He works out of his studio in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. His vivid memories of the human landscape of his homeland — dense yet sprawling, chaotic with an underlying order, decaying but full of life and growth — have become major influences on his work. After immigrating to Canada he became passionate about skateboarding, which provided another important influence. The culture of skateboarding was more than an outlet for physical creativity. Being outdoors allowed Manny to interact with human structures and inspired a fascination with the textures of different surfaces that permeates his work.

Manny's art has expanded to focus on the entanglement of fantasy and reality by encapsulating a recognizable human core within surreal technology and splintered mechanical landscapes.


Join us and learn more through various workshops and discussions held in this space.

upcoming closures in the hustle for private events:

tue apr 17th: all day

wed apr 18th: 5pm-close




Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 11am-7pm


Interested in booking the hustle for an event or workshop? 

the attic. 


our wellness space to balance life in the city. 


Designed specifically for our partners and ambassadors, this space will offer daily drop-in classes such as yoga, meditation, reiki, circuit training, HIIT & dance.

sign up unpaid to secure your spot.

  • Pricing will vary depending on the class typically ranging from $10-20.
  • Payment is accepted by cash through the instructor.
  • Mats + Blocks are provided. Change room & Washroom on-site. 
  • Late comers will not be permitted - please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your class. 
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any of the educators in the store, they'd love to help.