If you click 'The Attic' up on the navigation bar, you'll be directed to a button to 'SEE ALL CLASSES' and be redirected to Mind Body - the software system that allows our guests to register for classes. Or, click here!

are classes free?

Great question! We offer some complimentary classes to our guests (Tuesday Night Queen St Community Classes, and Saturday Afternoon Eaton's Centre Community Classes).

The majority of our drop-in classes are $10, to be collected in class by your awesome instructor! 

Pay close attention to the details section of each class to be sure of the drop-in rate. 

i've registered but can't make it to a class, what do i do?

No problem! It would be awesome if you could head to the class you registered for and cancel your booking - this will free up space for other guests to register for their spot. 

what's the best way to sign up for classes?

The best way is to download the Mind Body App on your smartphone. You can look up our studio, The Attic, and sign up right from your phone!

where do i go for my classes?

Please arrive at 318 Queen 15 minutes before the start of class. You'll be required to wait right outside the labeled Attic doors (located on street level, just east of the lululemon store doors, you can't miss it). Your instructor will greet you and let you up to the studio from there. 

If the weather isn't great, you are more than welcome to wait in the lululemon space (by the Residency). 

But when in doubt, never hesitate to ask one of the educators on the floor any questions that you may have! They'll be more than happy to send you off in the right direction. 

the hustle

is the hustle really open to everyone?

Yes, The Hustle, so long as there are no workshops, is open to everyone! It's a space to have a meeting, get some work done, and be inspired! 

can i reserve seats in the hustle?

Unfortunately, seats in The Hustle cannot be reserved ahead of time. But don't worry - there's plenty of room!

how do i sign up for a workshop?

If you click 'The Hustle' up on the navigation bar, you'll be directed to a button to 'SEE ALL WORKSHOPS'. Or, click here!

Are workshops free?

Just like classes, the cost of our workshops will vary. Check out the event description to be sure and for instructions on how to purchase tickets. 

I'm interested in hosting a workshop in the hustle, what's the best way to start this conversation?

We're always looking for great ways for our community to continue learning and growing! The best way to get in touch with our team is to submit your message on our Contact Us page. We'll be in touch shortly!

the residency

I'm a local retailer interested in a residency.

We're happy you're here! Submit a request on our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you shortly with next steps! We are looking for local Toronto brands to reside in this space.