Join us at 318 queen for group training:


Ease into your week of training with the steady run at a pace that allows you to hold a conversation. If you're new to the running game, don't be afraid to do run/walk intervals in he early weeks as long as you keep your breaks brief.


The perfect option to ease post-run stiffness, build strength and embrace recovery. Check out your local studio or lululemon store, or roll out your mat at home.


Start with an easy 10-minute warm up, then head into the intervals. The speed interval should be at about 80% of your max pace and your recovery time can be an easy run or a brisk walk. Finish with an easy 10-minute cool down. 


Running is a repetitive movement in one plane of motion, so it's important to introduce some other activities to maximize your strength and fitness. Pick your favourite way to get your heart pumping and go for it. 


A little known fact: proper recovery is just as important as pushing through your tough workouts, especially as you inch closer to race day. You earned this day off, so put your feet up and own it! Rolling and restorative yoga are also fair game. 


For those of you with a race day game plan, keep these runs 60s/km slower than your race day pace. Not sure of your race day pace just yet? Just keep it similar to 'conversation pace' as the Easy Run. 


Light and easy! These sessions are designed to help flush out any stiff, sore muscles after your long run the day before. We recommend finishing with some rejuvenating yoga, stretching, or rolling. 


Designed to help you track your progress. Start with an easy 10-minute warm up, knock off three speedy kilometres, and finish with a 10-minute cool down. Try tackling this workout on the same route each time. 


It's finally here! Your workouts this week are designed to keep your legs feeling fresh and ready to roll, without feeling too rusty at the start line! Make sure that you get lots of sleep, eat well, and get your gear organized before race day.