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handstand workshop | acro buddhas

  • the attic 318 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2 Canada (map)



HANDSTANDS!   Let's get upside-down!

Why is it so hard to hand balance?
We have discovered there are most commonly two things in our way!
The first is physics and the second is fear.

Naturally its harder to balance with a smaller and weaker base; our hands are smaller than our feet! On top of that, we have to learn to find a new centre of balance while being inverted. 

In this workshop, we will conquer fear with knowledge as we break down that barriers that are holding us back from finding balance and confidence upside-down.  By guiding you though numerous drills and conditioning techniques, we will fine tune your awareness in harnessing strength, alignment and mobility to move toward and into a handstand.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced hand balancer, you will learn lots of useful tools to find balance and stability while inverted.

We will be offering variations and tools for all levels.
Whether you are looking to find your first handstand or are seeking to press into handstand, this workshop is for you!

Sunday January 21
1pm - 3pm

$25 /person
Spaces are limited.

Spaces are limited!