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learn how to deal with hanger (learn to manage your blood sugar levels) | jaclyn irwin & nida nathani

  • the hustle, lululemon 318 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2 Canada (map)

Have you experienced any of the following before?

- Dizziness if you get up too fast or miss a meal
- Sugar cravings in the afternoon
- Anxious or irritable if you haven't eaten on time according to your schedule
- Drowsiness during the day, especially in the afternoon
- Weight gain, especially around the abdomen area
- Hangry if you go without food for even just a couple hours

If you feel like you are constantly feeling the need to reach for food to balance your blood sugar or that you need to have snacks on you at all times so you don't lose your temper, it is likely time for a change.

You know the line "it''s not you, it's me" well in this case, "it's not you, it's your blood sugar." And we can balance that so you don't need to feel like a crazy person around food or other people.

When you learn what foods to eat more of to help keep your blood sugar balanced, your mood will improve as well. No more up and down rollercoaster of emotions and food!

This workshop will show you a simple way to balance your macronutrients (no need for any apps or calculators!). We will also show you effective strategies to navigate real world social situations such as going out to eat, parties and traveling all while staying in tune with your body's wants and needs. Plus you'll discover how to incorporate nutrition and food into your life easily without any need for restriction. 

Check out some reviews from our previous blood sugar balancing workshops, (yeah we're totally blushing):

"This workshop was very helpful, safe environment to share and address challenges with healthy eating. Love the swag and gifts too. Great job!"

"This workshop felt very empowering, as well as being a safe sharing space for more personal topics. Loved it!"

"I finally understand what to add to my plate to balance meals, now I just have to do it. Great workshop!"

"Workshop was informative, it added some useful tips to my healthy/intuitive eating arsenal. Lovely goody bag too."

Please note all sales are final.

Early bird pricing on until May 2, 2018, use the code HANGRY5 to save $5 off your ticket.

All participants will walk away with a curated goody bag with items to help you balance your blood sugar and up your nutrition game.

We can't wait to meet you!