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Mindfulness through the 5 senses | Natalie Pierzchalski

  • the Attic, lululemon 318 Queen Street West Toronto, ON. M5V 2A5 Canada (map)

Food for Mood presents:

Our vision is to create an experience that engages, stimulates and educates you on holistic health and mindfulness, through the 5 senses. 

We know that many of us create new intentions around health at the beginning of the year and often it can be focused on losing weight or exercising more. What if we could help shift the mindset to one that is more holistic in nature? By engaging in our senses, we can draw attention to a more multifaceted way of looking at body, mind, spirit connections and overall wellness.

Join us for a beautiful afternoon with some yoga, aromatherapy, vegan food, artists and more... 

Taste: Food by Virtuous Pie

Sound: Poetry by Alyestal

Touch: The Feelosophy by Ashley

Smell: Aromatherapy with Laura 

Sight: Live Art by Adri


A little bit about Stella's Place...

"Designed by young adults, their families and professionals, Stella’s Place provides comprehensive mental health services for 16 to 29 year olds. We are building a community that focuses on positive, peer-engaging, strength-based recovery. We offer a full menu of choices including peer support, clinical, employment, wellness, studio and recovery programs to help young adults learn skills, find connection and be empowered to manage their own health."