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queen street run crew x the local Toronto

For the next 4 weeks, we will collaborating with the local Toronto (lululemon mens' concept space) and create experiences at 318 Queen Street West and their space on 96 Ossington Ave. 

If you are wanting to elevate your runs to reach that goal you have set, we've got you covered. We have 4 curated experiences to give you what you need. 


Join us Thursday Feb 8th from 6-8pm for a panel discussion in the Hustle at lululemon Queen Street West (318 Queen Street West).  We will have four local run mentors share their knowledge and experience in all things running & training.

Topics will be ranging from nutrition to the psychology of achievement as well as a chance to ask your own questions one on one.

Join us Thursday Feb 15th for a mobility workshop led by Myodetox at the local Toronto (96 Ossington Ave).

Whether your focus is racing or running casually this year, this workshop will focus on preventative and proactive care for your body to having you always feeling your best and enjoying every km in 2018.

Join us a for a strength-based HIIT and mobility class in attic at lululemon 318 Queen Street West. This stregnth and conditioning class will activate and engage the right  muscles you need to strengthen to support you in hitting that PB on your run. 

Join us on Thursday March 1st for a yoga class specifically for runners at the local Toronto (96 Ossington Ave). 

Taking special care to find your body's best flow to help you elevate your runs.