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Meditation Teacher Training w Sara Moncrieff

  • This 2-day (Sunday April 23, Sunday April 30) workshop is $300, register in advance, spots are limited. 
  • Please arrive to lululemon Queen St store 15 minutes before the start of class, no latecomers will be admitted
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of the educators 

Learn to REST. REST is a meditative force of love.
Realize your truth.
Experience self-love.
Strengthen your soul.
Trust yourself.

Meditation is the ability to REST. In this transformational two-day workshop designed by acclaimed artist and spiritual teacher Ria Ray, you'll learn how to meet your inner noise, let go of control, self-heal and live life as your authentic self. By learning how to REST, you'll increase your resilience and bring more passion and positivity to every aspect of your life. You are the answer. 

This first-time offering is an expanded version of the signature REST class. REST is a unique form of healing/meditation—an antidote to our modern cult of busyness and a sacred opportunity to reconnect with your soul.

Through breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation, you'll be guided through the door of self-love and release your fear so you can begin living surrendered—the key to freedom. Deepening your self-love is a catalyst to live with more meaning while also creating the space needed to care for others. All things connect. 

The two-day (Sunday April 23, Sunday April 30) REST workshop includes all the elements of the original REST class and also extends into new territory, giving you the tools for self-study. You'll learn how to access the meditative force of love within yourself anytime, wherever you go.