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soul-full retreat in the city | jaclyn irwin, nida nathani & brittney cassidy

  • the attic, lululemon 318 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2 Canada (map)

Looking to treat yourself but can't find the time (or funds) to escape Toronto? Join us for some self care in the city and enjoy all the benefits of a retreat without having to leave town!

Happening in the beautiful Lululemon space on Queen St. West, escape from the concrete jungle and learn how to truly unwind, recharge and make self-care a priority. 

Here are all the details:

11:30: Opening Circle (introductions + intentions)
12:00: Food Demo + Intro to Beauty Foods (includes food tasting)
1:00: Jewellery Making + Intro to Crystals (learning how to set intentions with jewellery)
2:00: Pilates Class
3:00: Reiki + Essential Oils
3:30: Food + Mindful Eating
4:00: Meditation + Intro to Journaling
4:30: Closing Circle + Takeaways

Food Demo: Holistic Nutritionists, Jaclyn and Nida will show you how to make nourishing and energizing beauty foods such as energy balls and nori wraps. Plus you will learn why specific ingredients are used and how they can help get you that glow from the inside-out. Samples of energy balls and nori wraps will be provided.

Jewellery Making + Intro to Crystals: Brittney will be leading a jewellery workshop which will include the healing benefits of crystals, how to choose which crystals to work with, the power of intention and how to create your own intention jewellery using gemstones and crystals. Each person will take home their own personalized Aiyana Jewellery bracelet.

Pilates Class: Join Alwynn in a one-hour Pilates class, where we will move our bodies with intention and purpose. This class is a perfect blend for newbies and novices alike!

Reiki: Brittney will be speaking about the benefits of Reiki which is a form of alternative medicine, the Chakras and energy centres in the body. Mini healing Reiki sessions will be given to help move life force energy through the body, while helping to reduce stress and promoting relaxation which assists in activating the body’s innate self healing.

Meditation: Brittney will be guiding us through an inward journey combining breathing exercises and guided visualizations, utilizing breakthrough neuroscience based approaches and multi-sensory stimulation. This meditation will help deepen one's connection to their innate abilities and highest potential while addressing current and desired cognitive patterns.

Journaling: Jaclyn, Nida and Brittney will provide you with tips on how to incorporate journaling into everyday life. 

All participants will walk away with a specially curated goody bag! A nourishing meal will also be provided.

Early bird pricing is on until May 26! Use the code RETREAT10 to save $10 off your ticket!


Jaclyn Irwin

Jaclyn Irwin

Jaclyn Irwin: Toronto based Holistic Nutritionist, Jaclyn Irwin, aims to help women end years of yo-yo dieting and develop a healthier relationship with food. As founder of Holistic Foodie, a food and lifestyle website filled with delicious and nutritious recipes, realistic and practical plans and green beauty inspiration, she is creating a space for women to discover their inner holistic foodie. Learn to love food again by following her on Instagram and be sure to check out all the goods at



Nida Nathani: Nida’s passion for holistic nutrition and wellness began during her early years in university. As she faced the multi-faceted challenges of independent living, she realized that learning how to nourish her body and maintain a balanced lifestyle would put her in a position of optimal health. Soon after becoming a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Nida struggled with orthorexia which led to learning about intuitive eating and changing her food philosophy to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Nida would love to inspire you to also have a healthier relationship with yourself and food. Follow her on Instagram and watch her stories for daily inspiration!



Brittney Cassidy: Brittney is an inspiring leader who is dedicated to supporting others on their healing journey. Brittney has a background in both Psychology and Neuroscience. She became passionate about alternative medicine on her own healing journey. Brittney began studying Reiki and is now a Reiki Master. She is an Author, BMR Trauma Practitioner, and the Owner/Founder of Aiyana Jewelry. Despite the odds against her, Brittney has overcome many obstacles and life adversities throughout her life. Through her life experiences and studies, Brittney has gained a wealth of knowledge and applications in both traditional and non traditional healing modalities and alternative medicine. Brittney is passionate about sharing her message of turning obstacles into opportunity, holistic health, spirituality, and balanced lifestyle with others to help others live a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life. Follow Aiyana Jewelry on Instagram and check out the website at