Workshop Series l | Mobilize, Move, Meditate for Runners

  • Attic, lululemon Queen 318 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2 Canada

Mobilize, Move, Meditate - Strengthening Workshops for Runners

We all know running is about more than just stamina; to run well you must have a strong body and a strong mind. We have created a series of 3 hour workshops that will educate runners on accessible mobility exercises, targeted strength and stability movements as well as introduce them to an athletic meditation practice.

Runners's will take away a tool-kit full of movement and meditative rituals that will enhance and strengthen all future training endevors.

We are offereing two different workshops:

  • SERIES I - TRAINING: This running specific workshop is geared to supplement your training, helping you enhance peformance and prevent injury through meditation, strengthening, alignment and flexibilty.
  • SERIES II - RACE PREP: This workshop is desined to help you get you race ready, focusing on mobility, restorative yoga and mental training.